How to Use This Site and Service

EthicalSuper is NOT a superannuation fund, nor is it personal financial advice or even general financial advice. It is a web-based information service for people interested in the topic, with links to publicly available information and services.

The author, Paul Meleng, has over 20 years of supporting ethical investing in Australia prior to his retirement from day to day licensed advising.

There are at least 300 superannuation funds available to the public in Australia

All public managed funds are required to state whether they do take account of social, environmental or governance related ethical issues in choosing their investments. Some do. Most do not. For those who do, the guidelines for ethical matters are spelled out in their trust deeds and Product Disclosure Statements (PDS).

We do not guarantee that we have found them all or we have chosen the “best”. We are open to input and correction. We hope we can help you identify a super fund that meets your own ethical preferences.

From there you must follow due process and make your own judgements or seek professional advice before taking any action with your money. We may be able to guide you as to process or as to where to find things, or refer you to licensed professionals – see ethicaladviser.com.au.

There is plenty of publicly available information on the financial aspects of each fund, costs, performance and so on.

Recommending a particular fund or strategy for an individual is the business of duly authorised advisers and only authorised advisers. That is the LAW. If you need it then seek it. Good advice is well worth paying for.